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There are 8 main groups you can join. We recommend you choose, when you register the following option: Je suis mon propre professeur so that you can tell us about your yoga and the wishes that are dear to you.

We will connect you with a group that suits you. It is a manual process and to help us help you, please take a moment to also complete the multi-functionnal form so that can understand what are your long term aspirations.

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The info letter is also multi-leveled. What you need to remember is this

This site is a Wiki Groupware (see the co-founder's video/community Tiki page). It is evolving, adapting, ever changing... like a "Modelling Clay". It has all the same functionalities than those "huge professional commercial sites" except that we do look after our yoga community first and foremost, profits are not our only concern.

 YogaPartout is a multi-level echosystem. We build layers over layers

By "multi-level echosystem" we mean There are different info letters you can receive. There are several groups...


We advise all newcomers to begin by the beginning and choose the free info letter registration. Once you joined YogaPartout via our registration system, once your connected, you will discover new info letters invitations. To name them would be of topic. Instead, we invite you to keep an eye on this list as it shows the main groups you will be able to join. These groups are the writers on this web site... and more. Bellow in the caroussel that shows you the names of the yoga writers currently active in the production of the magazine we publish. It will lead you to registration, or if you prefer, you can click here.

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